How To Use ULO

How To Use ULO (60)

Learn how to use the Universal Love Order (ULO)


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Success Stories

Success Stories (6)

Technologies and processes developed by the Pamper Me Network has helped thousands of business to raise funding, generate sales leads, build fan networks and generate media publicity. Review some of our success stories below.

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Networks We Update

Networks We Update (1)

PMN is constantly evolving, activating more digital billboards, social influencers, social reward cards, connecting to new databases, enabling new websites to help experts share their message with a global audience.

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Get Sales Leads

Get Sales Leads (2)

Use the Pamper Me Network to populate social media networks and plant the seed for automating the sales lead generation process.

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Self-Replicating Contests

Self-Replicating Contests (1)

Use social rewards tech to transform respondents to special offer promotions into self-replicating virtual sales people whom are rewarded to spread your message. Click for info.

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Create Social Reward Cards

Create Social Reward Cards (9)

Automate the viral sharing of your content or offers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks with social reward cards.

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Share and Earn Rewards

Share and Earn Rewards (3)

Use PMN to share your favourite articles, crowd funding campaign, photos, videos, events and groups with your friends and family and earn rewards when they do the same.

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Acquire More Fans

Acquire More Fans (1)

Use PMN to automate fan recruitment and donor recruitment as well as reward existing supporters for spreading your message.

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Distribute Your Content

Distribute Your Content (1)

Use PMN to automate the process of sharing your content with millions of Internet users, social influencers, affiliates and journalists.

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App and Ebook Sales

App and Ebook Sales (0)

Use PMN to promote your apps, joomla/wordpress components and plugins to developers, webmasters and end users and share in cooperative sales.

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Rewards Management

Rewards Management (20)

Use PMN to reward fans for using your website, sharing your content or referring new supporters. Monitor the results of your campaign in real-time.

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DIY Business Listings

DIY Business Listings (2)

PMN manages the Better Way To Crowd Fund Directory as well as the Great Joomla Software Directory. Submit your free listing.

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Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat (3)

Use social rewards tech to enhance & promote your Twitter Chats using self-replicating digital boards. Reward supporters to share with their followers. Click here to learn more about Twitter Chats.

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In 1998, the Pamper Me Network (formerly CBT Inc) was retained by Eurotel (Diallog Telecommunications) to develop a telecommunications reseller network. Within four months, a platform was created that grew sales from $40,000 per month in sales to over $200,000…...
Riverside Worldwide and Riverside Canada retained the Pamper Me Network, to design, implement and deploy a viral sales lead generation system—that would create online, mobile & offline buzz for the Toronto & Montreal stops of the Zinedine Zidane Friendship Tour.…...
Use TalkPix to monitor donors and fan registrations and referrals to an infinite level. See who is helping you to build your network including impressions, clickthroughs, registrations and referrals by campaign.  Your fan & donor reporting engine can be viewed…...
TalkPix is your lifetime marketing & fund raising partner. Together we market your projects, identify supporters & reward them to keep spreading your message. Use TalkPix to: Enhance your donor & fan acquisition with powerful viral marketing tools. Reward your…...
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